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Network Infrastructure and Design

We specialize in computer network solutions, utilizing technologies such as Microsoft Windows Server, Dell PCs, and Server Hardware, Symantec Antivirus and Internet Security, Level Platforms Management and Network Services. Using the information provided by you, along with state of the art hardware and software components, AIGC can create practical computer network structures and diagrams which are flexible, cost-efficient, and effective in addressing today’s diverse needs. Once AIGC implements a computer network, it will aid your business is operating at peak performance. Not only will we create a virtual or physical diagram to show your network design, but we will also build your network using cutting-edge wiring and hardware devices.

Wireless Network structure

Nowadays, technology has reached the stage where you no longer need, nor want, meters of cabling and wires to communicate with other computers. The world is always in motion. In a world of laptop computers, tablets, and phones (all with more computing capacity than the computers that landed a man on the Moon), the computer industry had to evolve into a juggernaut of information access. The Wireless Revolution means that you too can benefit from wireless and V-Sat technology. Simply ask our help desk team for details.

I. LAN/WAN Networks

Do you have a computer network in place? No problem. We can assist you to improve your existing network. You may find that you need to be able to share information more quickly and easily with your colleagues without having to leave your desk or work area. We will design and install a custom-made Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN), according to your needs. We also test and troubleshoot problems with existing networks, and repair the problems that are preventing your network from achieving its maximum potential. If you start experiencing any problems with your network (i.e. printer not working, not connecting to the internet, unable to send documents to co-workers, trouble accessing shared documents intended for everyone’s use), we respond with swift and thorough troubleshooting skills, repair the problem, and get you back on your feet, all while maintaining the highest standard of friendliness and professionalism.

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