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Our MSP services reduce businesses spending on in-house IT services by outsourcing IT companies like ours to enhance or replace an IT Department. We offer a range of outsourced IT Services depending on the level(Lower-level, Mid-level and High-level MSPs) of service requests. 


The lower-level MSPs focus on support of the computer system and infrastructures such as software installation and integration for an already IT infrastructure setup.

  1. The mid-level MSPs provide more support through contract Several level Agreements. This extra service monitor software for performance issues and report threats, maintain and keep all programs up to speed, standard and add new upgrade versions or security patch. 

  2. With our higher-level MSPs, we offer clear outsourced IT services to clients. In addition to mid-level MSP, we extend support for a wireless network, communication services, data analytics, and many other more services. Our IT remote team concentrate and monitor your network system 24/7. With this service, we provide a software-as-a-service (SaaS) program to buys through or lease. 

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AIGC Managed Service Provider (MSP)

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