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We analyze our client needs and submit a candidate with the perfect skills set that match your demands and company cultural patterns.


Information Technology (I.T.)

AIGC Primary focus is to help you with all your staffing demands that are relating to Information Technology.  

AIGC  seek to hire people in the industrial and manufacturing staffs, provide our clients with the best workers... 

Warehousing, Stores & Factories 

AIGC IT Staffing Solution will fill your open warehouse, store and factories jobs with quality personnel capable of maintaining solid growth and performance. 

Industrial and Manufacturing

Job Opportunities

AIGC Group is an information technology firm that provides staffing services in IT-related fields, Warehousing, Industrial & Manufacturing for Companies in and around Minnesota, and the Midwest of the USA. AIGC number of years in business have observed the IT sectors and know what businesses needs are. Based on needs, we offer our service through short and long-term staffing solutions, contract-to-hire or direct placement based on our clients’ requests. We provide the right skills to enforce and support our clients’ goals within a time frame and taking budget into consideration. Our IT Management expertise has the ability to recruit the right temps, carry on standard screening employment and preparing them for our on-site IT Training opportunity within their areas of specializations. Maintain and ensure that our clients receive the absolute best IT talent for the job at hand. Our IT Staffing solutions provide the most qualified IT Professional when and where it’s needed. We possess a large network of relationships with IT Colleges and other training institutions, which makes it the fastest for us to submit a candidate at a convenience date.

We also provide comprehensive IT training for staffs which includes processes and documentation. We train IT, professionals, how to write good documentation for workflow best practices. 
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